Delivery Motorbike in the UAE
16 Mar 2019

Yes It is Now Possible to Lease a Delivery Motorbike in the United Arab Emirates

Planning to lease a fleet of delivery motorcycles in Dubai? You have reached the right place. Yes! It is now possible to lease a delivery motorbike in the United Arab Emirates. We provide you with motorcycle leasing services in Dubai that are not only efficient but also help you save big bucks.

But before we tell you more about us, we have listed out the top benefits of leasing a fleet of motorbikes for your business rather than buying the same:

  • First and foremost, motorcycle leasing ensures that you don't have to pay the full cost of the vehicles in your fleet at the onset. As a result, you don't consume your capital reserves or have to take a huge loan.

  • When you lease motorcycles you have access to a range of motorcycle brands, models and specifications that might be too expensive for you to buy outright.
  • You can plan your expenses as you pay for the motorcycle fleet over the agreed period of time that you use it.
  • As periodical motorcycle leasing costs are fixed, you can easily forecast the cash flow of your business.
  • Costs incurred for fuel, additional accessories and other expenses for maintaining the fleet can be split over a longer period of time and these payments can be balanced with respect to the income generated by the motorcycles.
  • If you have not bought the motorcycles at one go, you won't have to fear about any overdraft or other loan was undertaken out to finance the purchase being withdrawn at short notice, imposing an early settlement.
  • When you lease a fleet of motorcycles, you do not have to worry about service, repairs and general maintenance.
  • The motorcycle leasing company is fully responsible if the vehicle breaks down.
  • Similarly, the motorcycle leasing company is fully equipped with genuine parts and skilled mechanics to look after your fleet at all times.

Looking for a motorcycle leasing partner in Dubai? EasyLease is the right choice for your delivery business.

From supplying you with a top-of-the-line range of delivery motorcycles at an affordable lease to offering regular motorcycle maintenance and on-road breakdown assistance, EasyLease has got your back when it comes to establishing and running a successful delivery motorcycle fleet in Dubai. We can also customise your motorcycles to include accessories like helmets, carrier packs and GPS tracker. Our years of experience in the business make us the ultimate choice for all your motorcycle leasing requirements in Dubai.


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