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28 Feb 2019

Buying v/s Leasing a Motorbike in Dubai

If you are planning to add a fleet of motorcycles to enhance your businesses delivery network in Dubai,  deciding how to pay for it can be complicated. If you have the funds to buy the motorcycles and undertake its repair and maintenance costs,  only then can you consider buying the motorcycles.

However, if you want to replace your fleet of motorcycles for newer models after a couple of years, or are looking for an affordable option with lesser overheads, then leasing a fleet of motorcycles is something to consider.

We’ve explained the benefits of both buying versus leasing motorcycles in Dubai for you.

Benefits of buying motorcycles for business use in Dubai include –


Once you have paid the vehicle loan, you will no longer have any fixed monetary commitments towards your motorcycles other than fuel, insurance, license and registration fees, and repair and maintenance costs. As the motorcycles are owned by you can resell them and upgrade to newer motorcycles as and when you wish.

Repairs and maintenance

As the motorcycles belong to your business, you get to decide when they need to be repaired or serviced. You are not bound by a service contract.

However, it is important to note that despite the above benefits, buying a fleet of motorcycles involves a higher upfront cost as well as higher monthly payments. Moreover, you will have to bear the cost of post-warranty repairs.

Benefits of leasing motorcycles for business use in Dubai include –

No down payments required

Most motorcycle leasing companies in Dubai only charge you an initial deposit when you lease your fleet of delivery motorcycles. The only upfront costs you can expect to pay are your first month’s payment, registration fees, and dealership charges.

Lower monthly pay-outs

As opposed to buying a motorcycle, the monthly expenses of leasing one are considerably lower.

Repair and maintenance is covered

The motorcycle leasing company covers the cost of maintenance and repairs for a minimal fee. This reduces your burden of spending on regular maintenance and also proactively prevents major breakdowns.

Easy disposal

You can trade in your fleet of motorcycles for a newer one every few years without worrying about finding a buyer or depreciation costs as you do not own the fleet, to begin with.

The verdict

Leasing your fleet of motorcycles is a practical option if you want new or well-maintained motorcycles but find it expensive to make an outright purchase. Without a doubt, leasing is a less expensive way to establish your very own fleet of delivery motorbikes in Dubai.

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